Our Commitment to Combatting Hunger in Nashville

The Growing Problem of Hunger in Nashville

Remedy Bone Broth takes our responsibility to the community seriously. We are environmentally aware and work hard to be sustainable when it comes to our local footprint. We also donate to help with the growing issue of hunger in our community. We believe that to be a great company we need to have more than a financial profit. We need to have an impact on our community.

Nashville is a fast growing city, and as the population rises so do the costs of living. There is a growing problem of hunger in Nashville and surrounding communities.

We donate  bone broth to Nashville Food Project

Remedy donates a few gallons a month of our bone broth to Nashville Food Project to do a small part in reducing hunger in our community. We love the Nashville Food Project and what they do, so we are grateful that we can be a part or their mission.

Here is an excerpt  from their website:

"The Nashville Food Project was born from the idea that ALL people should have access to the food they want and need. We know that one in seven people in Nashville lacks access to enough food to sustain a healthy lifestyle. But we also know that more than 40% of all the food in our city goes to waste. Solutions to hunger take much more than simple handouts. Poverty, unemployment, low wages and escalating housing costs all contribute to the challenges that the most vulnerable residents of our city face."

When you Buy Remedy Bone Broth you Help Combat Hunger

The Nashville Food Project believes "food can be a powerful tool to foster health, belonging and justice in our community" and so do we! Remedy Bone Broth is proud to play a part in providing food security to our community.  

Rest assured that when you buy Remedy Bone Broth  you are taking part in supporting local organizations that help those less fortunate.

Team Remedy